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-9270.128.47.2092011-06-19 03:57:18TRAC Ticket #1119 - IMON Ultrabay (Pad and Panel)

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103133Kenwood Sovereign RS232 protocol26104-92391762011-06-19 03:57:180

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6056373def SendUserCommand(command) log("Sending Command Prefix and Command ID to STB.") conn_.Send("\xFA\xA5") reply = conn_.Recv(1,65) if( !reply.nil? && reply[0] = "\xF0") log("STB reply: Command Acknowledged.") # Got Command Acknowledge from STB log("Sending Command '" + command[0].to_s + "' to STB") conn_.Send("\x00\x01" + command) conn_.Recv(1,64) # if \xF2 then STB received correct number of parameters log("STB reply: Received the correct number of parameters.") conn_.Recv(1,64) # if \xF4 then command completed successfully log("STB reply: Service command completed successfully.") else return end end def log(word) logTime = timeStr = logTime.strftime("%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S ") $logFile.print( timeStr + word + "\n" ) $logFile.flush() print(word + "\n") end169404-92391762011-06-19 03:57:190